Cardiovascular Surgery

Vascular surgery is a surgical specialty that treats diseases of the vascular system, or the arteries and veins, with the exception of intracranial and coronary vessels.

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Vascular surgery is a surgical specialty that treats diseases of the vascular system, or the arteries and veins, with the exception of intracranial and coronary vessels.


Services provided in La Colline Cardiovascular Surgery Centre

  • Video Assisted & Robotic Cardiac Surgery
  • Robotic Thymectomy
  • Cardiac valve repair (aortic, mitral, tricuspid and pulmonary)
  • Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG)
  • Complete Aortic Surgery
  • Aortic Dissections
  • Hybrid Aortic Surgery
  • Cardiac Failure Surgery (Dor, Corcap)
  • Cardiac Assistance (Artificial Heart)


Different approaches to minimally invasive surgery.

We offer minimally invasive surgery to selected patients. Not all patients are suitable for minimally invasive surgery. Patients who require additional cardiac procedures like coronary artery bypass surgery, elderly patients, patients with very diseased arteries, and patients with a very weakly contracting heart will not be suitable for this approach. Finally, our paramount objective is to ensure a good valve repair, with no residual leakage, at a low operative risk. 



Lower Sternotomy

In this approach the surgeon makes a 9-12 cm incision over the lower aspect of the midline of the chest and divides only the lower portion of the breast bone to gain access to the valve. Through this incision we can perform most complex valve repairs. 
When fully healed the scar is concealed by clothing, even when the patient wears low-necked clothing. In some women the scar is well concealed by their brassiere. 
This incision has the advantage that if the surgeon encounters problems, he or she can easily extend the incision and divide the remaining breast-bone and convert to the standard approach.


Thoracoscopy & Video Assisted Cardiac Surgery

In this approach the surgeon makes a 5-6 cm incision in the right side (instead of middle) of the chest and gains access to the heart by going through the ribs. 
Some women prefer this incision because the scar may be placed underneath the breast crease and is therefore largely concealed. 


Robotic surgery

In this approach the surgeon performs the operation through several mini-incisions, the largest being about 5 cm, using assistance of a 'robot' and specially designed instruments to perform the operation. The surgeon sits at a console and controls the instruments, which are mounted on the arms of a robot by another surgeon. 

Low skin incisions

Patients who are concerned about cosmesis, but who are not suitable for minimally invasive surgery, can request a low incision. The surgeon can make the standard skin incision start 10 cm  lower and yet perform full division of the breastbone. The scar will therefore not be visible when wearing normal clothing. Patients who cannot have a minimally invasive operation, but who are concerned about the scar, can also request the services of our plastic surgeon to cosmetically close the incision.




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